What are Malas?

MALAS are a great tool used to focus the mind and open the heart. Traditional Mala's consist of either 108 beads, 52 beads or 27 beads. They are generally strung on silk cording coming together at the "GURU" bead,  a fabulous place to arrive once you have done one round of intention setting. That means you have now chanted 1 round of your mantra. The "GURU" bead represents the place were we begin and also the place were we end. Pausing for a moment at the center, we caste our prayer out into the universe. Often times,a mala has a a tassel attached at the "GURU" bead representing one thousand lotus petals, but now with the invention of every bead under the sun, its more fun to embellish your MALA, representing qualities you'd like to call into your life.

The possibilities are endless, let's create a tool that helps us access the gifts the universe is waiting to provide us, all we have to do it ask!!! Ask and it is GIVEN!!! THE UNIVERSE IS ABUNDANT!! 

MANTRAS: A word, A thought, A saying, A phrase. Anything that YOU BELIEVE to be TRUE-Repeated. Many times, Engrained. Traditionally you can access ancient wisdoms through chanting Sanskrit Mantras one bead at a time. Or equally as powerful you can focus your energy on ONE word. No matter how you chant, no matter how you get there, the most important thing is that you start. Be easy with yourself. Know that it's never a race, but developing a great MALA MEDITATION practice will definitely change your world. It quiets the mind, but also embeds the vibration of your word and positivity into your being. In essence, you BECOME that which you chant for. A human embodiment. It's quite amazing what can be done when you chant a prayer. You can move mountains in your world and raise the vibration o humanity, one bead at a time.

MEDITATION: Sit Down, Walk Around, Run, Jump, Play, Grow...Be Still..and Meditate on it. What does that mean? Just think and then don't think at all? No...just BE....and Be okay with whatever comes up. So many people fight this, so many people think you have to be quiet to meditate, when actually you can be as active as you want to as long as you set an intention. The goal being peace in your heart and a better understanding of ones self, simply stopping and doing nothing does not garuntee the benefits of a good meditation practice. And actually, that can get little boring for some people who have hyper active minds, I understand this. So lets discuss...Here, we clear the mind of the clutter, get in the movement of being still beyond the physical motions that play out in our day to day lives, and hone in on doing one thing JUST FOR YOU. TAKING 1, 2, 5, 10, 12, 15, 20 , 21, or 30 minutes everyday to just BE. And let the thoughts come...let them pour in and then let them go. What remains after a practice like this is a fresh container to fill, or maybe you will choose to not fill it at all. The choice is yours, after all you created this space for yourself