The creation and use of Prayer Malas Dates back to the 8th century B.C.E. in India, as a tool used during meditation to keep the Mind focused and a reminder of ones spiritual essence. In this class, Students will Create a Mala for Meditation. 108 beads, consisting of Wood, Natural Seeds, Semi-precious Stones and Hand made Tassel which they will make themselves with Gemstones and Charms. All elements representing the Intention each sister will create in this class. It’s time to become the frequency of that which you’d like to attract. Join JoleneStar on a Mala Journey to activate these vibrations within.

Bead students will receive a Hindu or Nepalese Mantra to work with, and a new understanding of how to use their Mala to create change, prayer and mindfulness for themselves and those around them. Throughout this class we will focus on how using your personalized Mala can create the Shift each person is seeking when used as a practice over a 40 day cycle. Students of the Mala circle leave ready to begin a prayer mediation they can practice on their own, which is an incredible tool and one of the oldest forms of prayerful adornment.
Be-ad Where You, The Universe is Abundant!!!

Price: $55 + Materials