Crystal Cosmic Sound Ceremony:  Vibrational Meditation and Sound Journey through The Ancient Art of Himalayan Sound and Crystal Singing Bowls.

Prepare to float in a Sound Cloud of Love. Our Crystal Sound Ceremony is A Cosmic Journey and Meditation played in four stages, symbolizes the four stages of life, the four seasons and the four directions. Relax and Let go as We journey out into the Astral Plane, then dive deep into the crusts of the earth, rebirth and then return back, cleaned up with a new found wisdom and joy.

The Himalayan Sound Bowls are an Ancient Healing Modality used to bring one back into balance, by restructuring the human system molecularly through vibration and frequency, on a cellular level. Here we enter a state between dreaming and sleeping, accessing different levels of consciousness, as the sound dances through the body, changing the listener on very deep levels; Physically, Emotionally and Mentally.

Our bodies are made mostly of Water. Water IS Life. There is no question about it. And this is why Sound and Water are so powerful together. When we bring the water structure in the body back into its honeycomb formation, through sound waves, we create balance inside the body.

Consider this a Re-Set. Iā€™m deeply in love with the Healing Frequencies of Vibrational Medicine and grateful to My Path and Many Teachers for showing me the ways Color and Sound Therapy can aid in Spiritual Breakthroughs and Profound Visions. A beautiful gift. Join me there.

(Each person leaves with a quartz crystal pendant, which captures the energy of their meditation and holds the content of their molecular body, Crystalline energy suspended in sacred water through many many moons, within the quartz. This is a sweet takeaway as a reminder to tune into the water within to find the balance we all strive for personally and in the world at large. )