Spinning your Color Wheels of Light: Chakra Activation, Ritual Adornment and Ceremonial Sound.

Join Me for an integration of the many tools used by My Teachers to activate the whole soul within. Through rhythmic breathing, the use of 250 year old Antique Sound Bowls and The Magic of our own two hands, WE Awaken, Activate and then hold the intention through creating wearable art.

We begin with the Ancient ways of working with Color, Sounds, and Stones, which lie humming deep within, waiting to come to the surface. Some will remember this system, as its recalled one step at a time. We start with envisioning the colors that represent our souls journey. One by one, scanning the body and focusing on each of our internal wheels of light. I’ll share a powerful 30 minute Chakra Activation which builds energy and fire in the body through the breath. Recognizing where certain colors and feelings land in the body, we use Pomander Color Vibration tinctures to align with our souls natural frequency and cleanse the Auric Field. We close Our Ceremony creating a necklace made with stones and crystals, in the color spectrum of the rainbow. Students walk away with a clear understanding of where their energy lies within, wearing their ritual adornment, which can be used to stay in their new alignment as they journey home. Love Is The Message. See you over the Rainbow!

Price: $85 - all materials included